Lake Urmia Blessed by Rainfall

Lake Urmia Blessed by RainfallLake Urmia Blessed by Rainfall

Abundant precipitation and a series of environmental measures has led to stabilization of Lake Urumia, Mehr News quoted managing director of East Azerbaijan Regional Water Authority Gholam-Reza Hashemi as saying.

In the past years, the lake’s water level was constantly falling, but this year’s rainfall helped the restoration efforts of Lake Urmia, Hashemi said during a meeting in Tabriz on April 25, discussing management of water scarcity in the region.

Compared to September 2014, the lake’s water level has risen by 54 cm; in other words, one billion cubic meters.

On the issue of water shortage in the counties of Mianeh and Marand, Hashemi stated that despite plans to tackle the issue, lack of funding has halted progress. He added that another plan is being devised to address Tabriz’s emergency water supply.