Wolf Smugglers Arrested

Wolf Smugglers ArrestedWolf Smugglers Arrested

Two animal smugglers were arrested by the Protection Unit of Tehran Department of Environment (DoE); Mehr News quoted commander of the provincial DoE Protection Unit Naghi Mirza-Karimi as saying.  Last week, following a tip-off on people who intended to sell trapped wolf cubs, officers of Tehran DoE protection unit were quickly dispatched to the scene. Around midnight, one of the officers introduced himself as a buyer, and when the wolf cubs were presented, the unit rushed in and arrested two of the violators. Two cubs were retrieved in the operation. They were transferred to wildlife reserve department of Pardisan Forest Park, located in northwest Tehran. Interrogations revealed that there were originally five wolves trapped alive in Mianeh County, Ardabil Province. Once processed, the culprits were presented to judiciary officials. For each wolf, a fine totaling $1,775 has been defined, Mirza-Karimi said.