Iran Dams Half Full

Iran Dams Half Full
Iran Dams Half Full

Since the beginning of the current water year (September 23) up until November 22, more than 42 millimeters of rainfall was registered across Iran, a 23% increase compared to the average in the past half decade.
Higher precipitation has increased the amount of water flowing into dams. Over 3.680 billion cubic meters  entered reservoirs in two months, up 3% compared to the period last year, the Energy Ministry news portal Paven reported.
Dams across Iran can hold a maximum of 50 billion cubic meters of water. At present, almost 50% of the total capacity is full. 
Around 25.4 bcm of water is now in the dams, 26% more than this time last year. 
Since September 23, dams started discharging a part of the water to prepare for possible floods and avoid overflow.
The amount of water flowing out of dams in the past 60 days is estimated to be around 7 bcm, which indicates 109% rise compared to same time in the previous year.
Unprecedented rainfall in March and April destroyed lives, washed away farmlands and bridges, inundated houses and destroyed infrastructure as rivers burst their banks.
The flash floods killed more than 70 people and inflicted colossal human and material damage in many towns and villages, especially in the western and northern regions. Several hundred thousand people were displaced.

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