Fire at Petroleum Products Warehouse Extinguished

Fire at Petroleum Products Warehouse Extinguished  Fire at Petroleum Products Warehouse Extinguished

A fire broke that broke out at a petroleum storing facility in Shahid Rajaee port in southern Hormozgan Province on Wednesday has been extinguished.
The inferno set off huge explosions as the flammable oil products sent fireballs into the skies that could be seen from a far distance, IRNA reported.
A truck used for moving containers, aka ‘reach stacker’ caught fire and the blaze spread quickly due to the presence of oil derivatives nearby.
"The fire has been extinguished. But authorities are taking added precautions because inflammable products are stored in the vicinity and a fire could erupt again," the news agency reported.
One emergency service worker was reportedly killed while fighting the inferno. Damage to property was not reported until Friday evening. 
Located 23 kilometers west of the port city of Bandar Abbas, the capital of Hormozgan Province, Shahid Rajaee Port is Iran’s biggest container terminal at the mouth of the strategic Strait of Hormuz. 
Over half of Iran’s commercial trading is handled from  Shahid Rajaee. The port complex also handles about 85% of container traffic to and from the country.
The port opened in 1985 and has expanded thereafter. It  is connected to 80 top ports across the world. 
The main significance of the port is its capacity, including location in the Persian Gulf, container terminal, fuel bunkering, and 24/7 truck transportation. 

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