Danes Investing €2b in Hashtroud Wind Farm Project

Danes Investing €2b in Hashtroud Wind Farm ProjectDanes Investing €2b in Hashtroud Wind Farm Project

A Danish company has agreed to invest in a wind farm construction project in the northwestern city of Hashtroud, Shana news agency reported Saturday.

"We are going to provide 2 billion euros in finances for constructing a wind farm and also for a related agricultural development project in the area," a member of a visiting delegation of Danish investors said. The investment is aimed at mechanizing agriculture, and using the land between the turbines for agricultural purposes in rural areas in East Azarbaijan Province, Jacob Strassen asserted.

The Danish investors are planning to build several wind farms across the windy region in and around Hashtroud. The project is expected to include the transfer of technical know-how from Denmark with the aim of tapping the local wind energy potentials. A recent report said that more than 40,000 megawatts (MW) of technical capacity for wind energy has been identified across Iran.    

The Danish company Egro provides training to rural communities in regenerating their land and harvesting rain, and also in forest and wind farming practices.

Local officials in Hashtroud have vowed to offer sizeable tax breaks for foreign investors.