Sanctions Possible on Russia Pipeline

Sanctions Possible on Russia PipelineSanctions Possible on Russia Pipeline

The United States could impose sanctions on a new Russia-Germany gas pipeline, US Energy Secretary Rick Perry said on Thursday during a visit to Moscow. Asked whether sanctions on the undersea Nord Stream 2 pipeline are possible and if further energy-related sanctions are planned, Perry said, "Yes to your first question and yes to your second," ABC news reported. Eastern European countries and the US oppose the pipeline on the grounds that it would increase Europe's energy dependence on Russia. The US is also interested in selling more of its liquefied natural gas in Europe. Speaking at a meeting with Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak, Perry said the US does not want to impose the sanctions and indicated they were not imminent. "Minister Novak and I both agree that getting to that point where sanctions would be engaged is not where we want to go," he said. Perry declined to specify what level of progress on Nord Stream 2 could trigger sanctions, or what form they might take. "This project will continue to be implemented," said Novak.

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