British Drivers Reluctant to Embrace Electric Vehicles

British Drivers Reluctant to Embrace Electric VehiclesBritish Drivers Reluctant to Embrace Electric Vehicles

Despite the many announcements for new electric vehicle models coming to the market and government initiatives to support EV adoption, UK motorists remain reluctant—if not stubborn—to make the switch to electric cars, a new survey from Venson Automotive Solutions has found.

According to Oil Price, of the 200 people surveyed, only 15% said they would definitely be making the switch to an EV or hybrid vehicle when they next purchase a car or choose an alternative company vehicle.

Almost 50% said they do not see themselves considering switching to an EV or a hybrid vehicle for another 10 to 15 years, if not longer.

In last year’s survey, 85% of motorists surveyed said they would seriously consider buying an EV, following news from Total and Shell that they would be installing more charging points.

“The UK government’s plans to increase the number of zero and ultra low emissions vehicles on the roads, along with its pledge to ban the sale of cars and light duty vans with internal combustion engines by 2040, are bold, but must be supported by the industry and the general public equally,” Alison Bell, a director for Venson Automotive Solutions, said.

The top deterrents for motorists to buy or choose a company EV—both in 2017 and in 2018—are the lack of charging points in the UK and the limited mileage range of EVs.

Those two deterrents were also the main reasons for the slowdown in the EV sales growth in Europe’s top car markets in the first half this year.

Sales of EVs and plug-in hybrids in Europe’s top car markets rose by just 33% in the first half, compared to a 54-percent surge in the same period last year, as customers remain wary of the limited driving ranges of the models and an insufficient charging network, according to estimates by consultancy EY.

In the US, an AAA survey showed in May that 20%, or 50 million Americans, will likely go electric for their next vehicle purchase, up from 15% in 2017.

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