UK Should Back Renewables

UK Should Back RenewablesUK Should Back Renewables

The UK should back renewables and support only one more nuclear plant after Hinkley Point C Power Station before 2025, because renewable energy is the safest bet for a low-cost energy system for Britain in the long run, the National Infrastructure Commission—an independent advisory group set up in 2015 to give recommendations to the UK government—said in its first report on Tuesday.

“Britain has a golden opportunity to switch to greener ways of providing energy to homes and businesses without increasing bills—but only if ministers act now to make the most of it,” the commission said in its National Infrastructure Assessment, Oil Price reported.

According to the report, the UK could make the switch to low-carbon and renewable sources for both the country’s power and heating, combined with a move toward electric vehicles by 2050, without the customers having to pay more in real terms for their energy than they pay today.

In order to achieve the low-carbon future, the UK must take measures now to continue to invest in low-cost renewable technologies such as wind and solar, boost efforts to improve energy efficiency and support a rapid switch to electric vehicles.

At present, around 30% of the UK’s electricity come from renewable sources, up from 12% five years ago, the advisors said in the report.  The assessment recommends that the UK government take steps to push the renewable share further and ensure that a minimum of 50% of electricity comes from renewables in 2030, the commission said.


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