Sweden Approves Nord Stream 2 Pipeline

Sweden Approves Nord Stream 2 PipelineSweden Approves Nord Stream 2 Pipeline

While Denmark is yet to give permission for the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, Sweden became the latest EU country to sign off on construction permissions for the pipeline to carry Russian gas under the Baltic Sea to Germany.

In an interview with Sputnik, Jens Moeller, a representative of Nord Stream AG, said the permission to build is a milestone event both for the Russian leg of the planned pipeline and for the Nord Stream 2 project as a whole, Sputnik reported.

Moeller also revealed the details of the construction of the Russian section of the pipeline, slated to begin shortly.

“This takes a long time because the implementation of some operations depends on the time of the year, that is why an early start of work is vital for the timely completion of the project,” he said.

Asked about the ecological aspects of the project and how it conforms to Russia’s nature protection laws, the official said Nord Stream 2 Company was working closely in line with stringent international standards, including those laid out by the International Financial Corporation.

Moeller noted that in January 2018, Russia’s nature protection watchdog, Rosprirodnadzor, gave the project a clean bill of health.

“The experts confirmed that the implementation of the Russian leg of the pipeline was absolutely nature-friendly and fully in line with the country’s environmental protection laws,” he said.

According to Moeller, construction work is scheduled to kick off shortly to ensure the pipeline goes on stream before the end of next year.

While Nord Stream 2 Company has already secured official permissions to build from Germany, Finland and Sweden, Denmark is still mulling over the project.

Moeller said that he had every reason to believe that the application made in April 2017 would be granted.

“The route we have asked for is fully in line with the Danish authorities’ requirements and we consider it as the best possible both in terms of technical feasibility and environmental protection,” he said.

Moeller saidthe project was being implemented as planned and construction permits had already been granted by four of the five countries the pipeline will run through.

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