Neighbors Worsening Iran's Water Shortage

Frequent dust storms in recent years in southern areas can be directly ascribed to the unilateral action of Turkey regarding the share of transboundary waters
Afghanistan has totally neglected Iran's share of Hamoun River.
Afghanistan has totally neglected Iran's share of Hamoun River.
Although Turkey and Afghanistan have exacerbated the water tension in Iran, not all the blame can be pinned on them as policymakers have made strategic mistakes in the development of the country

Neighboring states' operations to control transboundary waters—the shared aquifers, lakes and river basins—have exacerbated the severe water shortage in Iran, a former member of World Water Council said.
"Aggressive policies adopted by states like Turkey and Afghanistan which deplete and degrade water supplies and river outflows to their neighboring countries have adversely affected the ecosystem in the whole region, especially Iran, that is vulnerable to the impacts of climate change and where water is already scarce," Abbasqoli Jahani was also quoted as saying by ILNA.


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