Petrobras Discovers Oil Accumulation Offshore Brazil

Petrobras Discovers Oil Accumulation Offshore BrazilPetrobras Discovers Oil Accumulation Offshore Brazil

Petrobras  reported results of a drilling well, located at concession area in ultra-deep waters in the Farfan area of the Sergipe Basin offshore Brazil, Oil & Gas Financial Journal reported.

The results confirm the light oil and gas discovery in Farfan area (between 37 and 40 API). 9, 2013. They presented excellent permoporosity conditions in the turbidities reservoirs with 54 meters of thickness.

This drilling also presented a new light oil accumulation in a deepest reservoir, with 28 meters of thickness and in good permoporosity conditions. Located at 107 kilometers off Aracaju, at 5.7 kilometers off the discovering well, and at a water depth of 2,492 meters, the well reached a final depth of 5,900 meters and is now under evaluation.

This accumulation is part of the Sergipe-Alagoas Basin deepwater exploration project, according to Petrobras´ business and management plan for the 2014–2018 period.

Petrobras will continue with the discovery evaluation plan, as approved by Brazil’s Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels Agency (ANP). Petrobras is the operator of the consortium (60%) in partnership with IBV-Brasil (40%).