Yaran Field Output to Increase

Yaran Field Output to IncreaseYaran Field Output to Increase

Production from North Yaran oilfield, which is shared between Iran and Iraq, will reach 15,000 barrels per day (bpd) by the end of June, said the oilfield’s manager, Shana news agency reported.

The amount will reach 30,000 bpd by March 2016, Arash Bagherzadeh said.

Currently, production from the field stands at 5,000 bpd, but the figure is expected to increase by six-fold by the end of the next Iranian year (March 2016), he said.

Extraction from the wells began in November when drilling operations of three wells ended.

Drilling, which was halted for a while, started recently following the oil minister’s call on authorities to accelerate operations at the joint oilfields. In the first development phase, 97 projects are to be carried out in the North Yaran field, of which 90 are now underway, Bagherzadeh said earlier.

Around 30,000 meters were drilled in the past eight months in the area. The drilling job on seven wells has been completed, while a total of 20 wells are scheduled to be drilled.

Besides Yaran, the two neighbors share seven other oilfields, including Azadegan (Majnoon), Azer (Badra), Yadavaran (Sinbad), Naft Shahr (Naftk hana), Dehloran (Abu Ghurab) and West Paydar (Fakka) and Arvand (South Abu Ghurab).

The North Yaran field has more than 900 million barrels of oil in place, and is located in Khuzestan Province in south Iran.  

It is located 130 kilometers from the provincial capital Ahvaz, close to the Iraqi border.

Iran’s oil production capacity will rise by 90,000 bpd once the South and the North Yaran oil fields come on stream.