Gasoline Consumption at 80.4 ml/d

Gasoline Consumption at 80.4 ml/dGasoline Consumption at 80.4 ml/d

Iranians consumed an average of 75 million liters per day of gasoline between Dec. 12 and Jan. 1, up 6% compared with the corresponding period of the last fiscal year (ended March 20, 2017), which stood at 70.1 ml/d. According to ISNA, average gasoline use since March 2017 has stood at 80.4 ml/d, indicating a 7.9% increase compared with the same period of last year, which was 75.5 ml/d. Iran has 37 main gasoline distribution centers with varying storage capacities. The provinces of North Khorasan, Tehran, Mazandaran and Gilan have the biggest gasoline inventories, as they normally host the largest number of travelers throughout the year. According to the Oil Ministry's news portal, Euro-4 quality gasoline distributed in the country by the National Iranian Oil Refining and Distribution Company complies with international standards. Reports indicate the cities of Tehran, Shiraz, Ahvaz, Karaj, Isfahan, Arak and Mashhad are now receiving 22 million liters of Euro-4 gasoline per day.


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