Petroleum Consumption Reaches 60b Liters in 9 Months

Petroleum Consumption Reaches 60b Liters in 9 MonthsPetroleum Consumption Reaches 60b Liters in 9 Months

More than 60 billion liters of petroleum products was consumed in the past nine months, the National Iranian Oil Refining and Distribution Company (NIORDC) said in a report published on Sunday.

Consumption of gasoline, diesel, mazut and kerosene –the four major petroleum products- surpassed 60 billion liters in the March-December period. The volume showed a 3.4 billion liter decline compared to the same period last year, Mehr news agency reported.

An average of 102 million liters of diesel, 38 million liters mazut, 8.7 million liters kerosene and 70 million liters of gasoline was consumed daily in the past nine months, the report said.

Measures have been taken to reduce gasoline consumption, including expansion of compressed natural gas stations and the smart fuel-card system. According to estimates, daily gasoline supply would have reached 140 million liters per day were the two projects not launched.

A total of 19.2 billion liters of gasoline, 28.2 billion liters of diesel, 10.4 billion liters of mazut, and 2.4 billion liters of kerosene was supplied in the said period.

Consumption of gasoline and diesel increased by 2 percent in the March-December period compared to a year ago, while mazut and kerosene consumption rose by 27 percent and 10 percent respectively.