Water Use Above Average

Water Use Above Average
Water Use Above Average

The per capita water consumption is close to 200 liters per day, head of the research center at the National Water and Waste Water Engineering Company said, Tasnim news agency reported Monday.

Hossein Atai said, "Aggregate water consumption of agricultural, as well as residential, commercial and industrial areas equates an average of 197-200 liters every day per head."

Average water consumption in the residential sector is estimated at 157 liters per day, compared to 130 liters per day in German residential areas. Atai warned that this figure reaches 250 liters per person in major cities in the summer.

Pointing to the daily global per capita water use as being between 135-140 liters, he appealed for judicious use of the scarce resource and changes in consumption patterns.

According to a report by the World Bank, annual global water use per person is around 580 cubic meters. However, it is close to 1,300 cubic meters in Iran.