Gas Condensate Exports From Siraf

Gas Condensate Exports From Siraf Gas Condensate Exports From Siraf

More than 10 million barrels of gas condensate is exported annually from Siraf port, in Bushehr Province, a senior official at Siraf terminal said.

Around 50 consignments are annually shipped and exported from Siraf port, mainly to Japan, UAE, and South Korea, Jamshid Khajeh-Zadeh, deputy manager of Siraf gas condensate terminal said, IRNA reported Thursday. Gas condensate produced in Fajr-e-Jam Refinery is transferred to Siraf port via two 56 km pipelines and loaded into tankers through a single buoy mooring (SBM), located several km offshore.  There are four 4,000 cubic meters (equal to one million barrels) storage facilities in Siraf port. Plans are underway to connect Siraf export terminal to South Pars Phase 12 terminal, Khajeh-Zadeh said, noting that “no actual measure has been taken so far.”

Around 10 million cubic meters (cm) of gas condensate, 32 billion cm of sweet gas, and 45,000 tons of LPG was produced in Fajr-e-Jam refinery last year.

The construction of eight Siraf refineries, which are said to be the biggest gas condensate refining complex in the Middle East, is due to commence early next year (beginning March  21, 2015). The complex will be constructed by the private sector, with a refining capacity of 480,000 barrels of gas condensates per day (60,000 per refinery).