Efficient Power Plant Launched

Efficient Power Plant Launched
Efficient Power Plant Launched

Iran’s most efficient power plant was launched in Beshel area of Savadkuh County (Mazandaran Province) on Saturday.

The small-scale power plant which was put on stream following its inauguration by the Energy Minister Hamid Chitchian has an electrical efficiency of 45.5 percent, which could increase up to 70 percent once its combined heat and power (CHP) facilities are installed; making it the most efficient power plant in the country, Mehr news agency reported.

The efficiency of power plants across the country is estimated to be around 37 percent, but it is scheduled to increase to 57 percent within three years, and ultimately reach the global standard of 85 percent. Improving the efficiency of power plants will help reduce fuel consumption, save generation costs and help protect the environment.

According to a report by the energy ministry, the power plant will increase energy supply by 25 megawatt-hours (MWh) in the northern power grid, reduce electricity production and transmission losses by 1.9 MW during the peak usage time, lessen the Neka Power Plant energy demand by 3 percent, regulate energy flow and compensate the effect of voltage drop in the northern power grids. The power plant cost around $18.6 million and took 8 months to complete.

  Electricity from Renewables

“Iran produces more than 300 million kWh of electricity through renewable resources annually,” said the managing director of Renewable Energy Organization of Iran, Yusef Armudeli calling for a more effective participation by the private sector in renewable energy power generation.

Noting that Iran has acquired the technical knowledge and capacity to manufacture almost all the equipment required to power the wind turbines, Armudeli said wind power capacity of 200 MWh will be added to the national energy grid in the near future. The Shiraz solar power plant is being upgraded to 350 kW from the current 250 kW capacity. The plant uses concentrating parabolic mirrors to focus a beam of light on a tower producing steam for electricity generating turbines.