Busy Day for Petrochem at TSE

Busy Day for Petrochem at TSEBusy Day for Petrochem at TSE

Petrochemical and petroleum products close to 446,000 tons were offered at the Tehran Stock Exchange bourse on Wednesday, Shana reported.

Of the total, 88,000 tons included bitumen, terephthalic acid, sulfur, polyethylene, benzene, ortho-xylene, Linear alkylbenzene, melamine crystal, urea, sulfuric acid, ethylhexanol, vinyl acetate monomer, ethanolamine, mono ethylene glycol, isobutanol, sodium carbonate, soda and acetic acid.

The bourse also saw 102 tons of bituminous products offered by Jey Oil refining Company, and 37,000 tons of bitumen and bituminous products offered by Farashimi Rooz, Jannat Abad Bitumen and Water Proof Membrane and Negin Gaam Pars Companies.

In addition, 100,000 tons of graded iron ore wase offered by Sangan Iron Ore Company at the rate of $21 per ton in the export bourse.

Esfahan Steel Company also offered 31,320 tons of steel I-beams, 2,329 tons of A-III steel rebar of size 14 and 16 mm, and 1,540 tons of A-III steel rebar of size 16-32 mm in the mineral and industrial bourse, with Khuzestan Steel Company offering 30,000 tons of semi-finished casting products, announcing additional 70,000 tons to be offered as per market demand. Khuzestan Steel Company also offered 12,320 tons of A-III steel rebar of 14-28 mm size.

In the aluminum bourse, Hormozgan Aluminum Company offered 700 tons of 99.75% and 700 tons of 99.7% aluminum ingots. Another 400 tons of 'Billet-7-6063' and 1200 tons of aluminum alloy ingots were also offered by the Iranian Aluminum Company (IRALCO).