$4t Energy Potential in China, India

$4t Energy Potential in China, India$4t Energy Potential in China, India

China and India will be the biggest recipients for new investment in power-generating capacity by 2040, representing a $4 trillion opportunity for the energy sector. China will require $2.8 trillion of spending for 2,547 gigawatts of new capacity, while India needs $1.2 trillion, according to a Bloomberg New Energy Finance outlook forecasting how energy markets will evolve by 2040. China’s wind and solar capacity will increase eightfold through to 2040, retaining the nation’s role as a global powerhouse of clean energy. India will build 10 times more solar capacity than net additions of coal to 2040 as it shifts to lower-cost renewables to meet a more than threefold rise in energy demand. Coal generation will increase by 78% as the country becomes the second-biggest power system in the world. The massive deployment of renewables in the two countries will help the region reduce its output of greenhouse gases.

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