1,000 Tanker Trucks Join NIOPDC Fleet

1,000 Tanker Trucks Join NIOPDC Fleet1,000 Tanker Trucks Join NIOPDC Fleet

One thousand tanker trucks were produced by domestic companies and joined the transportation fleet of the National Iranian Oil Production and Distribution Company (NIOPDC), managing director of the company said, Tasnim news agency reported Friday.

Naser Sajjadi said the trucks meet the Euro 4 [fuel consumption] standard, meaning they burn 30 liters of fuel every 100 kilometer.  This is down from the 45 liters of the previous generation of the tankers. The mileage improvement will help save $6 million in transport costs. Introduced in 2005, the Euro 4 standard defines the acceptable limit for exhaust emissions from vehicles. Euro 5 and Euro 6 standards were introduced in 2009 and 2014 respectively to further decrease fuel consumption in new vehicles.

The trucks were produced in line with Article 44 of Iran Constitution to help open new opportunities to the private sector and boost privatization, according to Sajjadi. The NIOPDC has around 10,000 tanker trucks.