Oil Tender Terms Uniformed

Oil Tender Terms Uniformed
Oil Tender Terms Uniformed

The deputy oil minister for engineering affairs, Seyed Emad Hosseini, announced the uniformity in terms for domestic and foreign contractors to take part in oil tenders.

In a recent circular on transparency in transactions and supporting domestic production, the oil ministry clarified some points concerning oil industry tenders, the official told ISNA.

Uniformity in participation of foreign and domestic contractors in oil tenders was among the main issues.  

The circular, which has been communicated and is being implemented, will create a uniform procedure for both local and foreign contractors to participate in tenders, and assessment of the firms will be standardized.

On the plans of the oil ministry to acquire state-of-the-art technology for the oil industry, he stated that the ministry has a strong commitment to this end. However, the focus for now is on “optimizing our existing knowledge and skills.”

“We intend to capitalize on the established knowledge by ensuring its implementation and use in the projects.

Currently quality, efficiency and cost management are three priorities in the projects. It is hoped better utilization of available knowledge and skills will help form a strong base for domestic oil projects,” Hosseini concluded.