No Gas Shortage

No Gas Shortage
No Gas Shortage

Daily gas usage has increased by 35 percent across the country compared to last year. Gas consumption during colder periods has remained steady, however, eliminating the need to cut gas supplies of power plants and industries, Mohammad Reza Yousefipour head of the Safety, Health, and Environment sector of National Iranian Gas Company, said.  

Contingencies were in place by the gas company in Marivan, Kordestan on Tuesday. The plan consisted of fifteen operational groups and was carried out to increase preparedness for times of low gas pressure. It was attended by staff members of the gas company from Kurdistan, Hamedan, Kermanshah, West Azerbaijan, and Zanjan provinces, IRNA reported.  

The official added that more people should be encouraged to participate in such sessions to understand the procedures in practice and not in only theory.  Contingency increases emergency planning and crisis management for personnel, estates and facilities. The general public must also learn to be more efficient in utilizing natural gas, the official stressed.

  Gas Reserves

A total of 575,000,000 cubic meters of gas, has been stored in the Shourijeh reservoir in Khangiran rural district until mid-October, Yahya Feyzi utilization sector head of Sarakhs-Khangiran gas refinery announced.

Though second after Sarajeh in Qom province, Shourijeh is the largest gas reservoir in Iran and was inaugurated this year to store gas and produce gas-based fuels.

A small oil refinery has also been established at the site. Shourijeh has an overall capacity of storing 4.8 billion cubic meters of gas. The reservoir will also be used to store sweet gas for use in winter.

Between March-December 2014 ten million cubic meters of sweetened gas was injected into the reservoir on a daily basis, so that during the four following cold months, up to twenty million cubic meters of gas will be available for daily extraction.

Every day 49.5 million cubic meters of sour gas is being treated and 11m cubic meters of sweetened gas is produced. Byproducts include 2,000 tons of sulfur and 1,884 barrels of distilled liquid gas per day.

Urging the public to consume efficiently, the official said that necessary maintenance has been carried out and there will be no gas shortage during winter.