Wind Energy for Nir

Wind Energy for NirWind Energy for Nir

Wind turbines in Nir County, Ardebil Province, will generate 660 kilowatt electricity per day after installation in late December, the county's governor said.

Infrastructure for the units was built at a cost of $188,000 approximately, with participation of Ardebil's electricity company, municipality, and Iran Renewable Energy Organization (SUNA). Total cost is estimated at around $1.3 million, Mehr news agency reported. The wind farm is located on the mountains overlooking the touristic Bulaghlar area, Akbar Samadi said, with reference to the area's huge potential for wind energy. "The number of turbines will increase in the near future, if acceptable results are achieved," he added.

Official data has it that the government hopes to produce 5,000 megawatts from renewable resources within two years and plans to target rural communities who have been largely cut off from government services.  Laws and incentives to encourage domestic and foreign investment in renewable energy projects in the country have been recently passed.