Petrobras Workers Strike

Petrobras Workers Strike Petrobras Workers Strike

Workers at Brazil's national oil company, Petrobras, began a strike last week that has paralyzed operations at its refineries and offshore platforms. The strike comes after workers rejected a salary increase they say is insufficient, Sputnik reported. Petrobras has historically given raises that have at least covered the rate of inflation—but the proposed 6% increase would fall nearly 1% short of that, as of November's reckoning. Petrobras, which has debts of more than $125 billion, has been trying to cut costs and sell off assets, including announcing a $2.2 billion asset sale to French oil company Total. The Federation of Petroleum Workers union, the largest trade union in Brazil's oil sector, also says Petrobras is in breach of the Collective Work Agreement for 2016-2017. Unions have also voiced concerns about changes in their employee contract that could let Petrobras lower the number of hours worked. In a statement, Petrobras said it had been notified by unions of the strike ahead of time.


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