Int’l Co. Willing to Invest in Chabahar FTZ 

Int’l Co. Willing to Invest in Chabahar FTZ 
Int’l Co. Willing to Invest in Chabahar FTZ 

Swaupe International Ltd is in talks to construct a 400 megawatts power plant in Chabahar Free Trade Zone, managing director of CFTZ Organization said.

After holding talks with Brent Pierson, Swaupe's executive director, on Saturday, Abdolrahim Kordi said, "Visiting the free trade Zone, Swaupe managers expressed interest in setting up not only a power plant but also a small-scale refinery in the region," IRNA reported.

Referring to Swaupe officials' recent trip to the zone, the official said when the licenses are obtained, the company will start implementing the projects.

According to Kordi, nearly 800 hectares have been allocated for the company.

"Foreign and domestic investors will be provided infrastructure facilities in the shortest possible time," Kordi said, adding that businesses wanting to invest in CFTZ can enjoy advantages like 20-year tax holidays.

"Swaupe provides technologies that have a proven capability in reducing or eliminating environmental problems," Pierson said. The company only utilizes technologies which have no hazardous waste with the smallest carbon footprint.

  A Major Incentive

According to Alireza Daemi, deputy energy minister for planning and economic affairs, the government has agreed to allow foreign firms to undertake part of Iran’s electricity exports to neighbors as a major inventive to help fast-track the financing and construction of power plants.

"Korea’s electricity giant KEPCO has also expressed willingness to build a 1,000 MW power plant in the CFTZ," Daemi said without elaboration.

President Hassan Rouhani and his senior aides have stressed the need for investing in Chabahar's infrastructure and petrochemical development plans.

The government has urged the private sector to partake in 21 petrochemical complexes in the port city. The cost of the projects is estimated at $20 billion, which will be provided by the National Development Fund of Iran in the form of loans to the private sector.    

 Chabahar is a seaport in the southeastern Iranian province of Sistan-Baluchestan. It is the only Iranian port with direct access to the Indian Ocean through the Sea of Oman.


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