Huge Increase in Fuel Consumption

Huge Increase in Fuel ConsumptionHuge Increase in Fuel Consumption

Consumption of four types of petroleum products reached 14.3 billion liters in the first two months of fall, 285 million liters more compared to the same period last year, Shana news agency reported Monday.

Close to 4.1 billion liters of gasoline, 975 million liters of kerosene, 6.5 billion liters of diesel fuel and 2.6 billion liters of mazut were consumed in the past two months in Iran.

Average gasoline consumption was 70 and 68 million liters per day in the first and second months of fall respectively.

Additionally, average daily consumption of kerosene and mazut increased to 19.3 and 46.3 million liters respectively over the past month, up from 13.2 and 42.2 million liters per day in the previous month. However, average consumption of diesel fuel dropped from 115 million liters in the first, to 104 million liters in the second month of fall.