Tavanir Seeks Roadmap for Foreign Collaboration

Tavanir Seeks Roadmap for Foreign CollaborationTavanir Seeks Roadmap for Foreign Collaboration

Iran Power Generation, Distribution and Transmission Company (Tavanir) plans to expand cooperation with international electricity companies not only in building gas-insulated substation (GIS) units and smart grids but also enhancing production efficiency by converting several conventional power plants into combined cycle ones.

 “A roadmap should be defined for effective electricity cooperation with foreign firms,” Arash Kordi, Tavanir’s managing director, was quoted as saying by IRNA.

According to Kordi, Iranian firms can undertake renovation works and help increase output at  domestic power plants. They also can rehabilitate power plants in other countries in joint ventures with international firms with access to state-of-the-art technology.

Commenting on his recent trip to South Korea during which he toured several power projects, Kordi said the two states can develop electricity cooperation.

"South Korea has managed to decrease its electricity wastage rate to 4%, which definitely is the lowest in the world."

Pointing to the achievement in reducing power wastage in Iran's national grid from 15.5% to 11% in less than a year, Kordi said there is still a long way to go to reach the optimum wastage rate of 8%, which explains why collaboration with international companies for smart grids tops Tavanir's agenda.

"Along with the sharp rise in electricity demand and consumption, it is predicted that Iran will not be able to meet its power production target due to technical shortcomings. But we can close the gap between rising demand and the need for new production capacity by collaborating with foreign companies," he said.

The official noted that gas-insulated substations are ideally suited for urban areas due to their compact design that needs very little space. A substation is a set of equipment that reduces high voltage from power transmission lines to levels suitable for supply to consumers.

A GIS uses superior dielectric gas, and sulfur hexaflouride, at moderate pressure for insulation. It is mostly used where space is expensive or not available. In a GIS the active parts are protected from the deterioration from exposure to atmospheric air, moisture and contamination.

  Need for a New Approach   

Kordi believes that Iranian power companies have the potential to play a more active role in international markets but a new approach is needed because the dominant view in the country is still expanding imports rather that promoting exports.

"Implementation of the nuclear agreement (with the six world powers) helped the country to introduce its capabilities in global electricity markets," he said, noting that the outlook for boosting the export of technical and engineering services should be broadened.

Dismissing allegations made by foreign firms that Iranian manufactured electricity equipment does not comply with international standards, he said, "Domestically-produced transformers can easily compete with foreign brands."

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