Daily Gasoline Consumption at 73m Liters

Daily Gasoline Consumption at 73m LitersDaily Gasoline Consumption at 73m Liters

Gasoline consumption in Iran over the first half of the current fiscal year (started March 2016) reached an average of 73.2 million liters per day, a 3.8% rise compared to the corresponding period last year.

According to Shana, the daily average consumption of the fuel amounted to 72.9 million liters during March 20-April 19, or 1.2% above the similar period in the previous year.

The nation set a record consumption on March 31, burning 105.9 million liters of gasoline, although consumption declined to 57 million liters on April 15 following the end of the annual Norouz (New Year) holidays.

Every year during the two-week period marking the Iranian Norouz festival, gasoline consumption reaches all time highs as many families across the country travel to meet friends and relatives.

Seyyed Nasser Sajjadi, a former managing director of National Iranian Oil Products Distribution Company, said in April that Iranians guzzled over 2.15 billion liters of gasoline and diesel during the holiday season.

He added that over the period [March 16-April 1], 1.45 billion liters of gasoline were consumed.

Masoud Soltanifar, head of Iran’s Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization, said the Norouz holidays registered a 10% growth in local travel, which explains the reason behind the rise in gasoline consumption, according to the Persian news website

On June 27, the country consumed the least amount of gasoline in the first half of the year -- 56 million liters. Based on the report, the sixth Iranian month, ended on Wednesday, marked the highest daily average usage, reaching 81.3 million liters of gasoline.

Accordingly, Iranians consumed 90, 91, 90 and 91 million liters in August 25, and September 1, 11 and 21, respectively.

In general, the monthly average consumption shows a systemic rise from 72.9 million liters in the first month to 75.4, 79.2 and 81.3 million liters in the past three months.

Abbas Kazemi, managing director of National Iranian Oil Refining and Distribution Company, said last week that with the launch of the gasoline production unit of Bandar Abbas Refinery, gasoline output will reach 67 million liters per day in the second half of the year from the current 64 million liters.

Iran imports gasoline to meet the rising demand.

The country is set to start export of gasoline upon completion of the long-awaited Persian Gulf Star Refinery in the southern port city of Bandar Abbas.