Diesel Fuel Imports Probable

Diesel Fuel Imports ProbableDiesel Fuel Imports Probable

Distribution of ultra-low-sulfur diesel (ULSD) at Euro 4 standard has commenced in major cities, with a possibility that diesel fuel will temporarily resume, deputy of the National Iranian Oil Refining and Distribution Company (NIORDC) Shahrokh Khosravani said Monday, Mehr news agency reported.

"There are no constraints in the supply and distribution of diesel fuel," Khosravani said, adding that plans have been made for temporary import and storage of diesel for the cold season.

Delivery of diesel fuel to power plants could become problematic due to increased gas consumption in residential and commercial sectors in winter.

ULSD distribution in Tehran, Alborz, Markazi, Shiraz, Isfahan and parts of Khorasan Razavi is already underway. However, the official highlighted limited pipelines and distribution networks as being among the constraints of diesel fuel distribution in the country.

ULSD is a cleaner-burning diesel fuel that contains 97 percent less sulfur than normal diesel. The move towards ULSD is aimed at lowering diesel engines' harmful exhaust emissions and improving air quality.

Iran's Euro 4 diesel fuel production is close to 24 million liters per day, 10 million liters of which is distributed in major cities and the rest at pumps on major roadways.

The NIORDC aims to offer clean diesel fuel in major routes across the country. To that end, several refineries in Tehran, Arak, Isfahan and Shiraz have begun production of Euro 4 diesel fuel.