Haldor Topsoe Opens Tehran Office

Haldor Topsoe Opens Tehran OfficeHaldor Topsoe Opens Tehran Office

Haldor Topsoe, a global technology, catalyst and services vendor to the petrochemical and refining industries, officially opened its Tehran office on Monday. “We are excited to open the new office and resume the great working relationship with Iran and the companies here. It means that we are close to our Iranian customers and partners so we can be the responsive and agile business partner they need,” Per K. Bakkerud, executive vice president of Topsoe’s Chemical Business Unit and the Europe, Middle East and Asia region, said in an emailed briefing. According to reports, over 50% of the ammonia used for fertilizer on a worldwide scale are produced with the help of technology from Haldor Topsoe. Headquartered in Denmark, Topsoe has signed a contract with Iran's Sharq Eastern Petrochemical Complex for licenses, engineering, proprietary equipment, materials and catalysts to establish a methanol plant in the southern port city of Chabahar. Jens Ole Madsen, the company's managing director who will head Topsoe’s Tehran office, also said Iran’s unique combination of abundant natural resources and highly skilled people hold enormous potential.