Plans Devised to Ensure Winter Gas Supply

Plans Devised to Ensure Winter Gas SupplyPlans Devised to Ensure Winter Gas Supply

South Zagros Oil and Gas Production Company said on Friday it is making preparations to maximize gas production in the cold season, when gas consumption normally increases.

“The company has devised plans to produce 209 million cubic meters of gas per day over the four cold months in Iran,” Gholamhossein Montazeri, the company’s managing director, was also quoted as saying by Shana at a press briefing in Tehran.

Established in 1998, South Zagros Oil and Gas Production Company operates the eponymous gas block that includes several fields in Fars, Bushehr and Hormozgan provinces.

Montazeri added that since the beginning of the current Iranian year (March 20, 2016), the company has produced over 27 billion cubic meters of gas, 8.6 million barrels of gas condensates and close to 1 million barrels of oil.

The official said it has the daily gas production capacity of 225 million cubic meters, which is equivalent to the output from nine phases of South Pars Gas Field.

Montazeri noted that South Zagros operates five zones of Nar and Kangan, Parsian, Aghar and Dalan, and South Sorkhoun and Gashou, which respectively produce 90 mcm/d, 80 mcm/d, 44 mcm/d and 8.5 mcm/d, as well as the oil-rich Sarvestan and Sa'adatabad regions with a daily output of about 6,000 barrels.   

"In view of the drilling and launch of nine gas wells, the company’s gas production capacity registered an increase of about 8 million cubic meters per day compared to last winter’s capacity," he said. Underlining that the drilling of a gas well costs $15-20 million and takes six months on average, he said the company has implemented such projects in much less time and costs.

The company's managing director stressed that following the redesigning of the wells of Varavi Gas Field, its output has increased by 1.5 mcm/d to reach a total of 8.5 mcm/d.

  Future Plans

“One of the company’s oilfields, Khesht, has progressed by 80% and is due to become operational in the next Iranian year (starting March 21, 2017),” Montazeri said, adding that the field will have a production capacity of 20,000 barrels of oil per day.

He also noted that although the company’s survey showed the initial estimates of 25,000 barrels oil production in the Sarvestan and Sa'adatabad fields are not feasible, studies on the oilfield is still underway.

“If new wells are explored, the company may decide to set up an educational center at the site,” he added.

Montazeri underscored the necessity of launching gas compressor stations in different operational zones, which will need financial resources.

The company has reportedly identified 37 fields that are to be developed and exploited in the coming years.