gender imbalances in Mideast Oil Sector

gender imbalances  in Mideast Oil Sectorgender imbalances  in Mideast Oil Sector

Efforts to encourage more women into the oil and gas industry are not yet working, a report said, highlighting widespread confusion among the workforce as to whether or not internal initiatives are effective.

Across the Middle East, 52 percent of all respondents acknowledged that gender imbalance is a concern, with 55 percent stating that health and safety risks associated with the physical working environment plays a key role in deterring women from entering the industry, the latest oil and gas Global Workforce Survey showed.

More than 4,300 employees and hiring managers working in the oil and gas industry took part in the survey that looked at the issues surrounding the lack of women taking on key roles in the sector, TardeArabia reported.

About 49 percent also agreed that the industry culture created by a male dominated environment was a factor.

The survey also highlighted that 41 percent of participants knew their company did not have an active policy to encourage women to apply for current vacancies – the highest percentage of all regions globally. However, the responses indicate that there is some appetite for change, with 59 percent reporting that addressing the issue would allow the industry access to a wider talent pool, and 39 percent stating that it would improve quality of work.

“There are many women around the world who already have related business, science or engineering degrees and still don’t consider oil and gas as a career option. This really needs to be addressed for the long-term good of the industry,” managing director of, Mark Guest said.

That view is backed up by 47 percent of employees and 40 percent of hiring managers that took part in the survey still reporting that the gender gap is an issue; however, responses showed there is a real appetite to change this with 63 percent of employees and 71 percent of hiring managers agreeing that addressing the situation would give the industry access to a wider talent pool.

The survey also looked into overall hiring activity and salary expectations around the world. 46 percent of hiring managers thought recruitment levels for permanent staff will remain steady, and 48 percent thought recruitment of contract personnel would remain the same throughout the second part of 2014 compared to the first six months.