Condensate Export Rising From South Pars Phase 19

Condensate Export Rising From South Pars Phase 19Condensate Export Rising From South Pars Phase 19

About 1.5 million barrels of gas condensates produced in the South Pars Gas Field’s Phase 19 have been exported, the director of the phase said on Tuesday.

“The export of another 500,000 barrels of the phase’s condensates is on the agenda,” Hamidreza Masoudi was also quoted as saying by Shana.

On the current status of Phase 19’s refinery, Masoudi noted that it has made a 95% progress.

“The refinery includes utility units, all of which have come on stream last year [ended March 19, 2016], and processing units whose construction is underway,” he added.

According to the official, the refinery is also equipped with six water boilers with a combined capacity of 180 tons, as well as 10 power distribution stations.

Expressing optimism that the refinery's development plan would be implemented in the current Iranian year, Masoudi said the two gas sweetening trains of the phase produce over 17 million cubic meters of sweet gas per day.

He told IRNA last week that the third train of Phase 19 will go on stream by the end of August, making it possible to refine 43 mcm of sour gas per day.

The director of Phase 19 underscored that for the phase to make progress, 11,000 people have worked on the plan, saying that at present, 4,000 personnel are active in the phase’s onshore section.

“All drilling operations have been carried out over the past year … I hope the phase’s 19B platform will be set up in winter,” Masoudi said.

Platforms 19A and 19C have already been installed with the help of domestic Oceanic 5000 crane ship.

Masoudi earlier said that as soon as the third and fourth sulfur recycling trains become operational, not only will the huge amount of sulfur be separated, but harmful gas components will also be minimized drastically.

The development project of Phase 19, currently under construction by a consortium of Petropars Limited, Petropars Iran and Iranian Offshore Engineering and Construction Company, is among priority plans of South Pars.

Once fully operational, Phase 19 is estimated to produce 50 mcm/d of gas, 75,000-80,000 barrels of gas condensates, 1 million tons of liquefied natural gas, 3,200 tons of liquefied petroleum gas products such as butane and propane, as well as 400 tons of sulfur.  

The phase is projected to earn $3.5-4 billion in revenues annually.