Electric Motorcycles to Help Check Pollution

Electric Motorcycles to Help Check PollutionElectric Motorcycles to Help Check Pollution

Electric and hybrid motorcycles will come to the streets of Tehran in the near future, director of hybrid transportation project at the Air Quality Control Company said, Shana reported Saturday.The vehicles will cost $2600 to $4100, and registration for the purchase of these motorcycles will commence soon, according to Hossein Afshin. To help promote the use of such motorcycles, Tehran Municipality will offer interest-free loans that will cover up to 80 percent of final price.

The project will pilot in district 12 of Tehran, and necessary infrastructure such as electric charging stations and free parking spaces will be established.

District 12 is one of the dense areas of Tehran that spans 16.7 square kilometers with almost 500,000 people. There are plans to expand the project to other more polluted areas in the near future. To reduce pollution and energy consumption, there has been a growing trend in the world towards using energy-efficient vehicles and replacing fossil fuels by renewable energies such as wind and solar. To that end, electric and electric hybrid vehicles have seen considerable development over the past few years.

However, electricity-fueled vehicles have not been embraced by and large due to several constraints. For one, battery development has not kept pace with expectation, keeping range short and charging times long.