French Co. to Help Rebuild Fire-Hit Complex

French Co. to Help Rebuild Fire-Hit ComplexFrench Co. to Help Rebuild Fire-Hit Complex

A French company is expected to advise on the reconstruction of Iran's Bouali Sina Petrochemical Complex which was hit by fire last month, Ali-Mohammad Bosaqzadeh, a deputy at National Petrochemical Company said. "On a short-term basis, Axens will cooperate as a consultant to rebuild Bouali Sina complex," the official said, IRNA reported on Friday. On July 6, fire broke out at the petrochemical complex in the southern city of Bandar Mahshahr in Khuzestan Province in what was described as the largest incident in Iran’s oil and gas industry in recent memory. Firefighting crews extinguished the huge fire after three days of arduous battle with the blaze. Bosaqzadeh added that Bouali’s paraxylene production unit, which was destroyed, is expected to resume operation in three months.  Domestic and foreign companies, including the French company, will cooperate in reconstructing the unit. According to Bosaqzadeh, in the redesigning of the complex, measures are being taken to optimize performance and efficiency.