Iran, Oman to Tender Subsea Gas Pipeline Project Soon

Iran, Oman to Tender Subsea Gas Pipeline Project SoonIran, Oman to Tender Subsea Gas Pipeline Project Soon

After the feasibility studies of the proposed Iran-Oman subsea gas pipeline are finalized, the two countries will put the project to tender and select a contractor, said the director of the National Iranian Gas Export Company.

“Studies of the onshore section of the pipeline are expected to be complete within two months, while the offshore part will take three months,” Alireza Kameli was quoted as saying by Shana on Monday.

Expressing satisfaction with the pace of activities related to the undersea gas pipeline, Kameli noted that seismic studies of the offshore part of the project (in both Iran and Oman waters) are ready and data on the condition of the seabed is being analyzed.

National Iranian Gas Company signed a deal with the neighboring Sultanate of Oman last year to conduct gas export studies.

The 400-kilometer pipeline, stretching from Iran to Oman is defined in two onshore and offshore sections. The land part extends for 200 kilometers from Rudan to Kuhmobarak in southern Hormozgan Province. The seabed section between Iran and Sohar Port in Oman is another 200km.

Kameli said the two sides are waiting for the results of the studies to decide about the contractor among the companies that have voiced interest in gas export pipeline.

“Some Asian and European companies have shown eagerness to both finance and implement the Iran-Oman gas pipeline,” he said.

Kameli had earlier announced that seven foreign companies are interested in joining Iranian companies in the construction of the undersea pipeline.

There are plans to increase the gas supply capacity of the pipeline from 28 million cubic meters per day to 42 mcm/d over 15 years.

It is estimated that it will take two years to implement the whole project, including laying the pipeline and building infrastructure, namely gas metering and compressor stations in Iran’s territorial waters.

The Iranian Offshore Engineering and Construction Company, as the project’s technical consultant, has already conducted studies for choosing the best sea route for the delivery of Iranian gas to the Arab neighbor.