French Firm to Help Iran Boost Oil Extraction

French Firm to Help Iran Boost Oil ExtractionFrench Firm to Help Iran Boost Oil Extraction

Lloyd’s Register held an exclusive one-day event in Tehran last week to share knowledge and experience with Iranian companies to optimize their oil and gas operations through enhanced oil recovery (EOR) techniques.

It brought together 130 senior oil and gas executives from international and national companies at the National Iranian Tanker Company’s headquarters, World Oil reported.

“We are committed to help the Iranian oil and gas and marine industries increase production,” said Alasdair Buchanan, energy director of the London-based technical and business services firm that also operates as a maritime classification organization.

“We believe it is critical to enhance the competence of the Iranian workforce by imparting our knowledge and skills, and transferring our understanding and application of technology to support production optimization, cost effectively and safely.”

Delegates were able to discuss solutions impacting Iran’s oil production including methods, tools and competence in safety management, low cost optimization of producing assets, and reducing maintenance and operating costs, through to how best to improve competence to increase drilling production and reservoir recovery.

Buchanan added, “We have strengthened our capability to address the needs of our customers in Iran. We are looking forward to providing technical and engineering support to help the Iranian oil and gas industry through the upcoming challenges of safe oil and gas exploration.”

An audience survey conducted at the Lloyds Register event showed that 51% of respondents felt that plant equipment and operational processes were “adequate” and could still get the job done, while 27% said these were out of date.  In a separate question, 43% showed widespread recognition that equipment across the Iranian oil industry needed to be replaced, while 57% opted for equipment upgrade, arguably in view of the limited investment in the key sector.

Andrew Barker, vice-president of strategic development for Iran at Lloyd’s Register, also said, “Post-sanctions, we have secured several contracts and are working on numerous opportunities which include re-classify the NITC Tanker ‘Ark’, which is the first to be re-classified.”