6 Wastewater Treatment Units Planned for Tehran

6 Wastewater Treatment Units Planned for Tehran
6 Wastewater Treatment Units Planned for Tehran

Plans have been devised to launch six new wastewater treatment facilities in Tehran Province by January 2017, said the CEO of Tehran's Water and Wastewater Company.

"New wastewater units are expected to go on stream every two months in Shahriyar, Parand, Pardis, Maygoun and Pishva," Khabaronline quoted Mohammad Parvaresh as saying.

According to the official, Tehran's wastewater or sewage collection network covers 70% of the households. Moreover, the whole grid can be fully developed by the end of 2017 unless the lack of much-needed financial resources impedes the progress.

Pointing to the fact that nearly $100 million are spent annually to utilize, maintain and upgrade water facilities in the capital city, Parvaresh noted that ground and underground waters cost $100 million per year to be treated, transferred, stored and supplied as drinking water.

According to the official, currently 1.35 billion cubic meters of water in Tehran are processed in water treatment facilities, underscoring the pivotal role of capacity management before water consumption hits peak demand.

Expansion of the wastewater network development project is one of the most important urban projects underway in Tehran since four decades, but the lack of funding for the major undertaking plus the fast development of urban areas have impeded completion.

Nearly 3,000 water and wastewater projects nationwide are incomplete due to a lack of funds, according to energy officials.

In addition, a total of 121 water supply projects across the country require a minimum of $3.5 billion, which call for a greater private sector participation in national projects.