Gov't Preparing Energy Roadmap

Gov't Preparing Energy Roadmap Gov't Preparing Energy Roadmap

The National Energy Management Plan (NEMP) is being drafted by a government commission, member of parliament Hossein Khamkani said in an interview with Eghtesad News.

The document was to be compiled by the government and approved by parliament during President Hassan Rouhani's first year in office, the MP said, and hoped it would be completed in the near future.

Once completed, the National Energy Management Plan purports to become the roadmap for Iran's energy sector over the next 25 years.

"Iran's electricity laws were passed before the Islamic Revolution in 1979, at a time when only the capital city of Tehran and a handful of big cities had access to electricity," he noted. "Unfortunately, we are still relying on the same antiquated laws."

He stressed that energy laws need revision, and a comprehensive set of laws should be approved for electricity consumption.

The NEMP is being compiled by the Institute for International Energy Studies (IIES), a subsidiary of the oil ministry, in line with the 20-Year Vision.

The long-term plan of action aims to promote the country's overall position at the national, regional and international levels and reach a developed status by 2025.