Plan to Enter Georgia Petroleum Market

Plan to Enter Georgia Petroleum Market Plan to Enter Georgia Petroleum Market

Iran is planning to get a share of Georgia’s oil byproduct market and open a new gateway to Europe.

“Georgia can be an export gateway to Europe,” Amir Vakilzadeh, director of import and export at the National Iranian Oil Products Distribution Company, was quoted as saying by Shana.

He added that negotiations with Armenia and Georgia on the export of petroleum products are on the NIOPDC list of priorities.

Vakilzadeh noted that Iran has been in talks with Armenia to access Georgia’s market, as the former shares a border with Iran.

Expressing satisfaction with talks underway, the official said Georgia is interested in Iran's oil products and it can be a lucrative market.

“The cost of exporting petroleum products via land are higher than sea. However, along with land exports, railway is a more feasible route, as it costs less and makes it possible to extend Iran’s reach to some East European countries,” Vakilzadeh stressed.

Referring to a “bright future" in the export of byproducts, he added that Iran  has devised plans to reach farther markets this year, which would translate into securing the current market share and, at the same time, penetrating new markets.

“Last year, Iran supplied 25% of Afghanistan’s demand for oil products, which we hope will rise this year,” Vakilzadeh said.

The official expressed optimism that Iran’s share of the Afghan market would be over and above 25% in the near future, as Iran’s new policies  will help reduce export costs.