Nematzadeh, Novak to Meet

Nematzadeh, Novak to MeetNematzadeh, Novak to Meet

Iran’s Minister of Industries, Mining and Trade Mohammad Reza Nematzadeh will meet Russia’s Energy Minister Alexander Novak during the upcoming St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF 2016). The arrangement is part of Novak’s meetings with oil and gas companies and government officials that also include Venezuela and India, TASS reported. The new economic reality and the search for new growth drivers will be key topics for discussions at the forum. However, the agenda of talks between Tehran and Moscow is not yet clear. “There will be a lot of meetings with the leaders of oil and gas companies, the ministers from India, Venezuela, and Iran,” Novak said, responding to a question about meetings and negotiations in the framework of the forum. According to Novak, it includes meetings with the energy ministers of India and Venezuela, as well as the head of Iran’s Industries Ministry. The 20th St. Petersburg International Economic Forum will be held on June 16-18 at a new site near St. Petersburg. Having considered all the above-mentioned facts, what I personally conclude is that in this world everything comes at a price and environmental degradation is the price we have to pay to ensure economic prosperity. Nonetheless, effective measures can and should be adopted to minimize the possible harmful effects.