RIPI Launches Center for Testing Solar Equipment

RIPI Launches Center for Testing Solar EquipmentRIPI Launches Center for Testing Solar Equipment

The Research Institute of Petroleum Industry on Sunday launched Iran’s first official quality control center for solar power production equipment.

The center has been established in cooperation with the Renewable Energies’ Department of the Vice Presidency for Science and Technology, Shana reported.

Solar water heaters will be the first type of products to be tested in the new laboratory.

“Despite approving a standard framework for solar heaters a few years ago, the quality of domestic or foreign heaters could not be examined for lack of a proper testing facility,” said Mohammad Ayyazi, an official at RIPI.

More than 80% of the country’s power output come from thermal power plants, which have been a more attractive area of investment in Iran for their longevity.

With a marginal output of a few hundred megawatts from all renewable sources, the renewable sector has been a largely neglected area in Iran.

But Iran is slowly taking steps to diversify its energy sources by making better use of its rich climate for power production from renewables, including solar and wind.

The country is planning a mass rollout of solar water heaters that would allow the residents of particularly arid and dry areas to cut down on expenses. Iran can be a hotbed for power generation from solar energy, given its 300 sunny days throughout the year.