China to Build Sudan's 1st Nuclear Reactor

China to Build Sudan's 1st Nuclear ReactorChina to Build Sudan's 1st Nuclear Reactor

Media reports have confirmed China will build the first nuclear power plant in Sudan. The initiative will help the African nation meet its growing energy demand, while for China it's a step toward increasing its technology footprint. Chinese media confirmed on Tuesday the Asian country had signed a framework agreement with Sudan to build the African nation's first nuclear reactor, DW reported. The official Chinese news agency Xinhua reported the deal had been signed during a three-day visit to Sudan by China's top energy official, Nur Bekri. Reuters speculated it might be a Hualong 1 as currently promoted by China in overseas markets. Bloomberg said the reactor would be built by China National Nuclear Corp., with its current power capacity of little over 3,000 megawatts. CNNC is also planning to build reactors in Argentina and Pakistan, while China General Nuclear Power Corp. is focusing on its own project in Kenya. China aims to become a globally dominant player in the nuclear sector, using its ambitious domestic reactor program to develop the necessary expertise.