1st ISO Tank Gas Cargo for African Countries

1st ISO Tank Gas Cargo for African Countries1st ISO Tank Gas Cargo for African Countries

A senior official at the National Iranian Oil Products Distribution Company said on Saturday Iran has, for the first time, embarked on exporting liquefied gas to African countries in ISO tanks.

“In view of the goals for gaining a bigger share of new markets and conducting needs analysis, NIOPDC took measures for the launch of liquefied gas exports in ISO tanks to African countries,” Esmaeil Hashm-Firouz, NIOPDC’s director for export and import, was also quoted as saying by Shana.

Hashm-Firouz added that due to a lack of unloading facilities, African countries prefer to receive liquefied gas in the form of ISO tanks for direct distribution.

Stressing that some cargos have so far been sent to target destinations, the official noted that in view of greater demand for shipments via ISO tank, NIOPDC can materialize its plans that raising the export of liquefied gas and expanding its reach to the world markets.

Hashm-Firouz also said as the export and import of liquefied gas in ISO tanks are a routine task in international markets, the time is ripe to have ISO tanks enter Iran’s Energy Exchange.