4 SP Platforms Under Construction 

4 SP Platforms Under Construction 4 SP Platforms Under Construction 

The construction project of four platforms to be installed in the South Pars phases 14, 17 and 18 is being implemented on schedule. "The construction of the new offshore platforms for the South Pars Oilfield is underway in Bandar Abbas Port's platform construction yard," Babak Abbaspour, the project contractor, said on Sunday, Mehr News Agency reported. According to the official, plans have been made to install the first platform for Phase 18, which has made 87% progress by the end of May. Moreover, plans call for the installation of the second platform, with work in progress standing at 80%, by the end of August. Pointing to the construction project worth $280 million, he noted that the third and the fourth platforms will be completed by the yearend. Asked about the new offshore platforms for Hengam Oilfield, Abbaspour said, "Due to financial constraints, the project is behind schedule." Iran launched the development plan for Hengam Oilfield with the aim of boosting production to 30,000 bpd amid rising gas output respectively to 80 and 160 mcf/d in the next phases.