Gas Supply Can Reach 100mcm in Winter

Gas Supply Can Reach 100mcm in Winter
Gas Supply Can Reach 100mcm in Winter

National Iranian Gas Company (NIGC) seeks to reduce pollution and boost production by increasing gas supply to power plants and industries in winter, NIGC speaker said, ILNA reported.

Majid Bujarzadeh said, "With a number of South Pars phases coming on stream by March 2015, the NIGC is planning to increase gas production by 100 million cubic meters by winter's end (March 2015) which would lessen pollution and boost production."

Naturally, domestic gas demand soars during the cold season, requiring more gas to be supplied for domestic consumption in winter; therefore a portion of gas supply to power plants and industries is diverted for domestic use, according to Bujarzadeh. He stressed that industrial units such as concrete and steel factories remain unaffected since the gas is replaced by other fuels.

Major repairs to refineries and gas transmission pipelines and planning the 10th national gas pipeline which will transfer gas from south to central and northern parts of the country are some of the measures taken by NIGC to facilitate domestic gas supply, he noted.

Stressing that the cold season started much earlier this year, he said the NIGC is attempting to supply sufficient gas to power plants. Gas supply to power plants in the March-August period was 7.5 billion cubic meters (bcm) higher than the same period last year, whereas power plants consumed 5.5 billion liters less fuel compared to a year ago.