Iran Largest Global Mazut Exporter

Iran Largest Global Mazut ExporterIran Largest Global Mazut Exporter

With a daily export of 31 million liters, Iran has become the world’s largest Mazut exporter, managing director of National Iranian Oil Products Distribution Company announced on Friday.

“Since the beginning of the current Iranian year [started March 20], Iran has exported 31 million liters of mazut per day,” Seyyed Nasser Sajjadi was quoted as saying by Mehr News Agency.

“Following a twofold rise in diesel exports, sales of mazut and liquefied gas have also increased this year,” he added.

Iran has exported a daily average of 9-9.2 million liters of diesel to international markets, indicating a 100% increase compared to 4.5-5 million liters in the same period of last year.

Referring to the nation’s 45% drop in mazut consumption as the main factor behind the rise in exports, Sajjadi said about 13.5 million liters of the fuel per day have been used domestically.

This compares to the 24.5-million-liter daily consumption in the previous year. Iran’s official liquefied gas exports have also reached 500 tons a day. Stressing the fact that Pakistan is the largest regional importer of Iran’s liquefied gas, the official said other neighbors, including Afghanistan, also import the fuel from Iran.