LNG Exports to Indonesia

LNG Exports  to IndonesiaLNG Exports  to Indonesia

Indonesia's governor to OPEC said nothing had yet been signed with regard to a deal for Indonesia to import liquefied petroleum gas from Iran, noting that some impediments remained such as making payments for the products. "It's not quite a deal yet … The understanding is you can make it happen once you are able to execute it," Widhyawan Prawiraatmadja told Reuters on the sidelines of an energy event in Abu Dhabi. "The difficulty is the transaction, as it's not always easy to get the banks to do it." While sanctions imposed on Iran due to its nuclear program were lifted in January, separate sanctions imposed by the US on financial transactions remain in place, hampering attempts to do business with the Islamic Republic. Prawiraatmadja declined to comment on the quantities of LPG Indonesia would import, except to say the country would take "whatever they have, provided that it is at better terms than with other sources". The official said last month that a deal was imminent for importing Iranian condensate and LPG, but not for crude as Iran's sour oil grades were not compatible with its refineries' need for sweet crude.