Danish Firm to Help Develop Wind Projects

Danish Firm to Help Develop Wind ProjectsDanish Firm to Help Develop Wind Projects

Danish wind energy company Vestas has started a new round of cooperation in Iran by helping generate electricity from wind, transferring the knowhow of wind power plants and turbines, and integrating wind networks.

Referring to the fact that 100% of Denmark’s electricity needs are supplied by wind power, Inigo Sabater, the company’s acting head, said in a workshop on wind power and management of power distribution network in Iran that the main source of energy in 34 countries is wind power, Mehr News Energy reported.

“This is while wind power industry is nascent in Iran, but there are currently good opportunities for developing the capacity of wind power output,” he added.

As the only global energy company dedicated exclusively to wind energy, Vestas’s core business is the development, manufacturing, sale and maintenance of wind power.

Vestas has offices in 24 countries and five strong regional sales business units in Northern Europe, Central Europe, Americas, Mediterranean and Asia Pacific and China.

Sabater noted that under the present circumstances, the production of electricity in wind power plants is economically viable. Akbar Shabanikia, deputy head of Renewable Energy Organization of Iran, also said the organization is currently updating Iran’s wind energy encyclopedia, which is projected to take a year.

“The wind encyclopedia is being designed employing satellite data … It can provide sufficient information for investors who aim to venture in Iran’s wind industry,” he added.