Power Plants to Debut in Energy Bourse

Power Plants to Debut in Energy BoursePower Plants to Debut in Energy Bourse

Several power plants will enter the energy bourse in the next Iranian calendar year (starting March 2015) for trading electricity, director of the energy bourse operations said, IRIB News reported.

"The energy bourse is ready to handle all electricity transactions inside the country," said Mohammad Hossein Asgari.

The country's electricity market was established in 2003 by Iran Grid Management Co. (IGMC). Electricity transactions started in the energy bourse after ten years in the form of forward contracts. The contracts are divided into 20 types based on the consumption period and the time of delivery. He insisted that power plants are now able to offer electricity outputs in the energy bourse via their exclusive transaction codes. Additionally, distribution companies, as buyers, will only be permitted to purchase forward contracts.

Twenty one power plants with a total capacity of 2,868 megawatt-hours are to operate in the energy bourse. Additionally, 35 distribution firms with $18.8 million of monthly budget will buy electricity.

Following the increase in the budget of distribution companies last summer, such companies are now able to receive more facilities by increasing purchasing. The increased budget will also help distribution companies with their operating expenses.

Asgari stressed that the energy bourse can curb unexpected fluctuations and regulate the market.